5 Tips On How To Be A Successful Student

October 4, 2016

Are you aware that “making your studies a priority” is necessary for you to become a successful student, but it may not be sufficient to groom you into becoming a better student when compared to your classmates?

Yes, it is very important that you factor in within your schedule time for extracurricular activities, family, friends, fun, etc.; this will help you to value the time that is left for your studies, and help you to work towards increasing your study time.

In order to help you become a successful student, we shall be breaking this write-up into five broad categories.

Firstly, we shall be discussing how you can develop the qualities that every successful student must possess. Secondly, we shall be discussing how to take these qualities into the classroom and succeed.

Thirdly, we shall be discussing how to study what you have learnt in the classroom in order to succeed. Fourthly, we shall be looking at how to write examinations in order to secure the highest marks and stand above your mates. Finally, you will need to have fun.

1. Develop the right attitude:

To succeed as a student, you must imbibe the habit of being punctual, dedication to hard work, managing your friends, staying focused, tracking your progress and learning how to study at length. Above all, right attitude as a student should anchor on responsiveness and educational goals.

  • Responsiveness and activeness: You must be a responsive and active participant in your education, whether in the classroom, laboratory, group projects or personal assignments. These leadership qualities will help to improve your grades and will make your lecturers focus more attention on you.
  • Develop educational goals: Your educational goals should be motivated by your career aspirations in life. Since education is a means to an end, you should know that setting high standards and goals would eventually see to your success as a student, and later translate to a better career throughout life.

    2. Succeed in the classroom:

Successful students master the following classroom attitudes and behaviors. They are discussed below as follows:

  • They pay attention: Giving your lecturers the maximum attention will help you to understand and assimilate what the teacher is telling you, and be able to give it back during tests and examination. It is also a sign of respect to your lecturer should the topic fall on what you already know or are not interested in.
  • They take notes: Taking notes during lectures will help you to be focused on the lecture with minimal distractions. Since the notes are in your own words, you can easily refer to them to fleshing up your memory on the topic.
  • Ask questions and participate: Asking questions where you are confused will help to clarify your confusion so that you can progress with everyone else during the lecture. It is important to mention here that participating in classroom work will help to mold your leadership skills and make you a better student.

    3. Study what you have learnt and put it to use:

    After classroom lessons, it will be time to go home and rest, then prepare to study what you have been taught. You can also use the time to skim through what you will learn in class tomorrow so that you will be an active part of the lesson. This is how to study in order to become a better student:

    • Create a game plan for each study session so that it can be productive. You should know how to achieve what you want to achieve at the end of the study session, and go about it as you planned.
    • Incorporate your study sessions into your schedule, so that you will not be distracted when studying.
    • Discover a study method that best suits your learning style and stick to it.
    • Take breaks between study periods instead of letting your mind wonder when you are fatigued.
    • Sleep for over 4 hours per day.
    • Be disciplined and avoid distractions.
    • Make your study environment conducive, or look for an environment that is conducive.
    • Use your resources or school resources like the library or online materials to study.
    • Create a study group to share your ideas and motivate each other.

4. Understand that success in examination determines a successful student:

Examination is the only tool, which can be used to measure the grades of students and know who is to be grouped as a successful student or otherwise. You should understand that your examination started as the academic session commenced. If you consistently followed the three tips above, you will have to give it these final touches:

  • Practice your past questions during your revision periods before the examination.
  • Study all the examination questions carefully before attempting them.
  • Be mindful of the duration of the examination and keep track of time.
  • Explore all alternatives answers to the question before choosing the best.
  • When you are through with the exams, review your answers thoroughly.

    5. Have fun:

    All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. I do not need to tell you how to have fun, but you will need to use your head, and keep some distance from bad friends.