6 Reasons You Should Sit On An Exercise Ball

September 29, 2016

Should You Sit On an Exercise Ball?

Do you know that an exercise ball, also known as a Swiss ball, yoga ball or stability ball, when sized properly can be used for an active chair when sitting at a desk?

Do you also know that using a stability-ball for a chair instead of a traditional chair will help you burn more calories? From the records, people who use a stability ball as a chair burn an extra 4.1 calories per hour when compared with people who sit in a regular office chair.

The above statistic (i.e. burning an extra 4.1 calories per hour) has been found to match with that of people who stand for hours during work.

The benefits of using a stability ball for your sitting purposes is not limited to burning more calories alone; there are other relevant benefits to health, which this seating tool offers. We shall be discussing some of them as follows


1. It Restores Stability and Balance:

Sitting on an exercise ball helps to improve stability and balance, because of the constant engagement of the abdominal muscles.

Since it is constantly working your abdominal muscles, your strengthened ab muscles will then help to protect your lower back, thereby promoting better posture.


2. Toned Core Muscles:

Studies have shown that sitting in a regular chair can have a damaging impact on our core strength, but using a Swiss ball can help to tone our abdominal muscles and obliques.

Sitting on a stability chair engages your Core muscles and makes them more visible unlike normal chairs that cause such muscles to be relaxed.


3. Induce the Inspiration of a Stretch:

It is very difficult to sit on a stability chair for hours without stretching to relieve accumulated tension.

While sitting on a stability ball, many people have attested to the fact that they get deeper stretches than when sitting in a regular office chair.


4. Forces Proper Spine Alignment:

Due to the fact that exercise balls are never stable, this will cause you to be constantly adjusting to balance yourself on it. While sitting on the exercise ball, most positions you will adjust to will coincide with the perfect spinal position.

This will help to sooth your back pain and improve your spinal health.


5. 6-Pack on Your Finger Tips:

When using an exercise ball as an office chair, your body primarily uses your core muscles to support its weight. Over time, your abdominal muscles will have gotten enough strengthening and will fall in line.


6. It Causes A Higher Energy Level:

It is evident that sitting in one place and maintaining one posture brings tiredness and fatigue.However, when you utilize an exercise ball in place of your conventional office chair, you will be more prone to changing and adjusting your posture, thereby generating better blood circulation and energy to carry on with your work.


Risks of Sitting on Exercise Ball

The use of exercise ball may be very beneficial but there are also risks that may be associated with using it. A chair is meant to take our body pressure off the lower back and support our arms. A regular chair is more comfortable (in a sense), but elongated sitting on an exercise ball can cause back pain, fatigue and stress.

In addition, your Boss at work may not be comfortable with you bringing your ball to work. Hence, if you are not able to get approval from your employer, you may not be able to continue using this tool.


Required specification for Exercise Ball

There are size requirements to consider and understand before using an exercise ball as your chair:

  • If your height falls within 4’11 to 5’4, a 55 cm ball would be a suitable match for you.
  • If you fall within the height of 5’4 to 5’11, you would have to use 65 cm ball.
  • If you fall within the height of 5’11 to 6′ 7, a 75 cm ball would be the best match for you.

Finally, If you are new to sitting on an exercise ball, it would be good if you start with shorter periods of sitting so that your body muscles will get accustomed to the exercise ball before stretching your limits.

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