Can’t Find Your Passion In Life? Here are 5 Places to Start Looking

November 8, 2016



Are you working for what you love or are you working only for money?

It seems like some of us are born lucky. These people know what their passions are in life. They almost seem as though they are born with this knowledge. However, we’re not all like that. Luckily, passions aren’t just for those who are born knowing. We all deserve to know what drives us to be better people, what drives us to success.

The journey to finding your passion can be as exciting as it is to actually pursue your passion (once you find it). It doesn’t have to be a chore or a hassle. This journey will let you experiment with different, interesting things. You will be able to ask yourself some powerful questions. You will even meet new people that can possibly change your life.

However, before we delve into different ways that you can find your passion, let’s start by actually defining what “your passions” entails. What does it mean to have a passion? What types of things would qualify as a passion? Some people define it as an intense enthusiasm or desire for something.

While some people associate it with professional goals, it doesn’t necessarily fall under work. Some people find that their passion (the activity that they find the most enthusiasm or desire in) doesn’t have to do with their job or work at all. I know plenty of clerks, call center workers, and civil service workers who have passions in music and photography. They consider their passions to be their hobbies.

However, it isn’t just a “hobby”. The one thing that changes an activity from a “hobby” to a “passion” is that passions are another word for dreams. Doing what you like or enjoy with a moderate level of fondness, you are working on a hobby. But when you are going all out to a point where some people may actually consider your adoration as an obsession, that is passion.

This is why it is so exciting (and somewhat frightening) to follow your passion. When you are following your passion and working toward making money doing the thing that you love the most, it doesn’t feel like work at all.

1. Look at Your Current Hobbies & Examine What Interests You

Your passion may actually be right in front of your face. You might even consider it as a hobby. Possibly the only thing holding you back from turning that hobby (that you’re secretly obsessed with) into a passion is the fear of being ridiculed or “going full nerd”. There was a time when following that hobby might have been looked down upon but since we now live in the digital age, there are thousands of forums, websites, meetups, and other types of online communities that will support you and feel the same way about that passion.

Now is the time to fully devote your extra energy into pursing that passion and elevating your love for it. Don’t get me wrong, not everyone will understand or “get it”. However, you care about it and you understand it. That is what matters the most.

2. Look at What Your Values Are & Find Activities that Fit Within These Value Systems

One of the ways to find your passion (if you’re at a loss when searching through your hobbies) is by looking at the traits that you value the most. Do you value intelligence? Do you value beauty? Creativity? Wealth? Depending on your values, you may find activities that fit within that trait, which will lead you to your passion.

For example, let’s say that you value creativity, intelligence, and adventure. What types of activities can fit into these values? One example would be writing or art. You are expressing your creativity on the canvas or on paper. You can go on an unlimited amount of adventures through the characters in your story or through the pencil sketches and paint. You are showing intelligence by learning about different formats and various types of techniques.

What about if you value wealth, organization, and charity? This may lead to you creating your own charity that can give funds and time to the underprivileged.

3. Take Some Personality Tests to See What Types of Things You Will Enjoy

4. Acknowledge that Following Your Passion is an Option (and that It Won’t Be Easy)

If you want to follow your passion, I applaud you. I will warn you now though – it’s not going to be easy. There will be different hurdles to go over, depending on what passion you are following. Sleepless nights, unappealing physical drawbacks (ballet toes, blisters, calluses, injuries, etc.)

5. Look At What You Used to Enjoy as a Child

Some people speculate that sources for our true passions stem from what we were exposed to as a child. If you snuck books into your room, were taught heavily in language arts, and were creative – your passion may be in art and/or writing. If you used to play different musical instruments, were incredibly rhythmic, found solace in songs – your passion may be in music. If your loved to look at the beauty in things, liked to sketch, collected stamps, or other types of fascinating objects – your passion may be in photography.

You don’t have to just work for money. Jobs and work may fall into our laps because we need the money to survive but work shouldn’t just be about survival. No one said that it can’t be fun also.