Why You Should Read Everyday

September 26, 2016

Reading books everyday is exceptionally beneficial and tremendously helpful to everyone’s life. However, many of us have dropped the good habit of reading books everyday just because we are done with schooling. Life is a lesson and there is no better way of learning the lessons of life if not through reading books every day. It is unfortunate that a good number of us only read social media posts, without opening any book in months. If that is true of you, then we have a common problem to solve.

In order to reinvigorate our reading culture and habit, I believe that by enumerating and expatiating on the 8 good reasons why you should read every day, we can rekindle your reading habits. Therefore, we shall be discussing the 8 major reasons why you should read every day as follows:

1. Through Daily Reading, We Accumulate Knowledge:

Information and knowledge are keys to tackling life’s challenges. Every piece of material you read gives you a bit of knowledge, and such knowledge may come in handy when it is less expected.

If you culture the habit of reading books every day, you will accumulate knowledge that will make you an embodiment of ideas. The good thing about knowing through reading is that what you know is solely yours at all times, and no one can take that away from you.


2. Reading Books Everyday Makes Us Smarter:

Reading books everyday gives us a wealth of knowledge and sharper brains to process ideas faster. An Author may take months to research, write and edit a book, but the written book will take you a few hours to read and consume. After reading the material, you now know what the researcher knows on that line of thought, and you can apply such facts in judgment.


3. Reading Books Improves Our Memory:

Reading improves memory capacity in all its ramifications. This is because of the fact that while reading, we have a short period to process, comprehend and memorize what we have learnt from the book. In Addition, when we read a book, we try to remember the characters, their backgrounds, roles, and plots where they featured, their histories, personalities and events that linked them to other characters in the book.

This is to say that, when the brain picks a new character in the play, it creates a fresh pathway (Synapse), which links to the existing ones, thereby creating and exercising our short-term recalls.


4. We get Entertained while Reading Books:

Reading books everyday should not be a boring chore that no one wants to do; it should be seen as a way of having fun, just like watching Soap operas and TV shows. An intriguing, catchy, captivating and romantic book can throw our jaws apart when we are savoring the beauty in its lines. Therefore, get a bestseller that posses the above qualities, and enjoy yourself in consuming its literature.


5. Reading Novels and Magazines Increases our Vocabulary:

When you communicate with a good command of vocabulary, high-self esteem, and awareness of literature, it is normal for people to treat you as elite, and such treatment comes with enormous advantages.

However, getting exposure to new words comes faster with reading books every day. This will also help to build your self-esteem, communication skills, offer you more insight into global events and update your knowledge on scientific breakthroughs.


6. Reading Books Improves our Analytical Thinking:

Habitual readers tend to have sharper analytical skills when it comes to problem solving. Some everyday readers tend to solve hard puzzles because they can project their thinking faster than an average person who does not like reading books. Analytical thinking is also useful when reviewing a writer’s book to know if it is well written or not.


7. Daily Reading Habit Improves Writing Skills:

Past authors motivate most of today’s writers, and most of what we read yesterday forms how we write today.

Therefore, reading every day does not only expand our vocabularies, it also helps to form and improve our writing skills. This is very true when you appreciate the writing tone, cadence, fluidity, style, tranquility, composure of a particular author; you may tend to start writing like him without knowing it.8.


8. Quality of Sleep:

Reading a captivating novel right before your head hits the pillow is a great way to improve your sleep quality. The choice should always be that of a book over a smartphone or other device as they can cause irritable sleep and can make it difficult to fall asleep in the first place.

There will always be a literature genre such as poetry, classical literature, religious books, fashion magazines, or biographies that can capture your interest and make you read every day. You may not have found it, but I believe that if you try reading several materials and books every day, you will get to see the genre that best captures your interests.